Sunday, April 24, 2005

Madres, y Nito Artaza pero pintado

I took this picture on March 24, 2005, in Buenos Aires, during the demonstration for the 29th anniversary of the coup d'état that led a military junta to power. The rally is headed by members of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo. On the background, the frivolous: Nito Artaza (a can-can politician) laughes and Moria (a talk show host) exhibits the boobs.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Alejandro Jodorowsky

Last night I went to the MALBA (Museum Of Latin American Art Of Buenos Aires) to see a live interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky. It was magical and funny. After the interview we drank wine. And then, in ethylic inebriation, we proceeded to the projection of Jodorowsky's masterpiece Santa Sangre.
Jodorowsky is one of my most beloved heros. Actor, playwright, magician, filmmaker, puppeteer, clown, comic-book writer, mime, poet, shaman; he's a true artist. I highly recommend The Holy Mountain and El Topo (both available on P2P networks). Jodorowsky's been repeatedly accused of blasphemy, and during the screening of his first movie a mob tried to lynch him. Yet he's one of the most beautiful and sensitive persons I've known.
I recorded the full interview on video, and it will soon be online.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Happy Bicycle Day!

Since 1984 some people have observed Bicycle Day on April 19th. This is the anniversary of the day that Albert Hofmann intentionally took LSD in 1943. On the 16th Hofmann accidentally absorbed a bit of LSD, but the 19th was the first intentional experience, when he took what he then considered a minimum effective dose, 250 mics. In LSD, My Problem Child he records that day:

"By now it was already clear to me that LSD had been the cause of the remarkable experience of the previous Friday, for the altered perceptions were of the same type as before, only much more intense. I had to struggle to speak intelligibly. I asked my laboratory assistant, who was informed of the self-experiment, to escort me home. We went by bicycle, no automobile being available because of wartime restrictions on their use. On the way home, my condition began to assume threatening forms. Everything in my field of vision wavered and was distorted as if seen in a curved mirror. I also had the sensation of being unable to move from the spot. Nevertheless, my assistant later told me we had traveled very rapidly."

In this dark hour of ignorance and superstition about psychedelics, you can light a candle of hope and reason. To commemorate the bicycle ride that changed the world forever, let's celebrate Bicycle Day with bicycle trips, sending cards with bicycle pictures to friends, joyful picnics, and other festive activities.

Remember Bicycle Day and Keep it Holy.
[This article was originally posted to the MAPS mailing list]

Fuck the Pope

Joseph Ratzinger was a member of the Hitler Youth. He hates homosexuals. He denounced Buddhism as "autoerotic spirituality", and predicted it would replace Marxism as the main enemy of the Catholic Church (sic). He opposes contraception and the use of condoms (I guess you don't need them if you only fuck virgin altar boys). It was disturbing to see the multitude gathered in St Peter's square hailing their new Führer. He's a fascist mother fucker. Fuck the Pope!